YanaoChabaAbdominal Herbal Bundle (3Packs)

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This Herbal has been infused in a concentration of traditional Thai medicinal herbs  for 90 days which makes it highly effective. 

Its Natural Remedy for Gastrointestinal problems ( Stomach Ulcers) , Women's Health ( Fibroids, vaginal dryness, Endometriosis, ovary inflammation, general hormonal imbalances, etc ), and Men's Health Problems ( Prostate issues and haemorrhoids ).

HOW TO USE :  Take the herbs out of the pack.  Boil the herbal in 10 litres of water for 3-5hrs on a medium heat. Preferably its best to slow cook the herbal until all the sticks are soft and disintegrating. After the herbal has cooled down sieve the particles out. Keep the Boiled herbal drink in the fridge. You can drink the herbal hot or cold.  DRINK 2 cups every day morning and before bed. 

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