About Us

My name is Jacqueline Taylor. I have great passion for beauty products.

I suffered from acne for a long time and tried everything in the drug stores but nothing really worked until I started making my own homemade acne remedies (after doing lots of tests and research on different things) I finally managed to cure my acne for good. I started my brand to help other people who experience the same problems. All my products are natural and homemade.

After years of relaxing my hair, the chemicals severely damaged my scalp and broke my hair. I decided to transition to natural hair. The problem that I experienced with natural hair was, it was so difficult to comb and manage. I was experiencing the same problem with my daughter who is mixed race. No matter what i used, her hair became harder to manage everyday, I knew that I had to do something. I researched and tested lots of products until I made my own hair detangler. The best thing about my homemade detangler was it got rid of my dandruff too and the itchiness I had on my scalp. Using natural ingredients I solved our hair problems.