Tightening Cleansing Herbs


This is a combination of herbs that has been used for centuries In South East Asia. 100%natural no side effects from the herbs.

Gets rid of Vaginal odour, Tightens Vaginal wall, Increases Vaginal Lubrication, Gets rid of stubborn Infections and Itchiness.

This is a must use for all women. 


Insert one ball in the vagina weekly or skip a week between uses.

The herbal ball will dissolve so no need to take it out. Give it an allowance of 48-72 hours for it to work and cleanse you before you wash up thoroughly or engage in any sexual intercourse. Wash properly to get rid of all the excess waste that maybe trapped inside.

Wait one day after washing to engage in any sexual activity.  

Use one herbal ball once a week.

CAUTION: Don't use If pregnant or breast feeding.