Skin Tags, Moles , Warts Removal & Scar Treatment

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This treatment is developed with natural extracts specially for elimination of  benign skin growths. Contains Thuja Occidentalis) an essential oil known for its ability of elimination of various growths on the skin.

Permanently gets rid of Skin tags. 

Expect results between 3-8 weeks.  


Apply the solution in the brown bottle first. Use a TOOTHPICK to apply the solution ONLY to the affected skin tag. Do not apply the solution to the surrounding area. After 5 mins of applying the brown solution, Apply the White solution afterwards. 

For small Skin tags apply 2x a day only. ( One day application is enough for small tags, do not apply the next day. Takes the skin tag 4- 7 days to fall off)

Apply everyday for Big Skin tags until they fall off. 



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