Skin Tags, Moles , Warts Removal & Scar Treatment


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This treatment is developed with natural extracts specially for elimination of  benign skin growths. Contains Thuja Occidentalis) an essential oil known for its ability of elimination of various growths on the skin.

Permanently gets rid of Skin tags . 

The package Contains 2 bottles. One treatment the skin tag and the second one fades the scar. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply first solution in brown bottle with a tooth pick to the affected affected ONLY.  Take precaution to apply only to the skin tags/ moles, warts. DO NOT use your hands. You will experience a tingling sensation for some minutes. After it cools off, Apply the second lotion to the affected area using a cotton bud. 

If the skin tag is small, apply Once( only one time, do not re-apply again). If the skin tag is big apply for 3 days( once a day).

Continue using the white lotion daily to fade the scar. 



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