JiaChaba Herbal Bundle (3Packs)

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This Herbal Formula consists of medicinal plants and has been used as an alternative and complimentary medicine diabetes, High Blood Pressure and for weight loss . 

It is not only one of the best home remedies for diabetes by helping to reduce blood glucose levels and fighting the root causes of diabetes, but it also has many additional benefits that are very important and valuable for anyone suffering from this daunting disease

There is strong evidence from human clinical trials that JiaChaba lowers blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels by significantly improving the cells’ insulin sensitivity.

There is strong evidence from a number of animal studies that is able to increase insulin concentrations in the blood both by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin and by improving sugar metabolism.

Does NOT cause hypoglycemia. In other words, the herb has been shown to lower blood glucose levels ONLY if they are already too high.

Jiachaba was shown to protect the cardiovascular system, the liver and the kidneys from diabetic and non-diabetic damage.

This is important for anyone, but especially for diabetics who are much more likely to suffer damage to these organs as a result of the disease. The herb will also lower cholesterol and blood fat levels if they are too high, and act to balance blood pressure.

JiaChaba will revitalize and energize the body and help with exercise, but without putting additional stress on the heart. This is important because diabetics can often experience prolonged periods of sometimes debilitating fatigue.

Being a supreme adaptogen, JiaChaba is effective in reducing and helping to manage stress, anxiety, and mood swings. There is some evidence that it can also alleviate depression. This is an important benefit because diabetics can often experience extreme levels of one or more of these conditions.

JiaChaba has a strong protective effect on the nerves and nervous system from damage, which adds a layer of defense against neuropathy. It will also help remove brain fog and improve concentration and memory.Certain chemicals in JiaChaba have been shown to promote weight loss, which is particularly beneficial for diabetics.


Boil the bag in 6 litres of water for 2hrs on a medium to high heat. When it cools Keep in the fridge.

DRINK 1 cup per day before bedtime for normal size persons. For bigger persons drink 2 cups.

The herbal bag can be reboiled up to 2x but it will not be as strong as the first time. Preferably after boiling the first time thoroughly squeeze all the juices out for extra concentration of the herbal drink 

This Herbal must be take consistently for 60days without skipping a single dose to get maximum results. First results are seen in 3 weeks. 


Chaba herb , Safflower, Chinese jujube, Jujube, Chrysanthemum flower, Pandan leaves , Roselle, Jute, Stevia, Senna pod, Senna leaf, Bael ,Pepper, Mugwort herbs,  Berberine, Mathurameha(Aqueous herb), blends of Thai herbs.

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