Sensitive & Sebum control Masks

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Created by Dermatologists and herbal specialists to resolve facial problems like hyperpigmentation,  loss of elasticity and firmness ( wrinkles), loss of moisture 

Filled with super restoring herbal essences

Made with pure herbal medicine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Enriched formula with natural herbal medication that has been proven to brighten, firm, restore and moisturize.

Natural Tone Up Technology brings your skin to be clear, brightened, and moisturized.

Gongjindan is concentration of traditional herbal medication with precious herbs to provide highest contents of antioxidants, immune boosting, detoxifying full system in our body

VIOLET Flower 3 ingredients provide firms skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

RED Flower Lifting Complex plumps skin and firms skin

Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5 provides healthier skin and resilient skin against ageing 

Made purely with natural ingredients to maximize goodness.

Skin Thin mask sheet will immediately and intensely provide brightening, detoxifying, moisturizing, glowing effects to the skin.


Each pack has 5 masks. Use one mask every 3 days for maximum results.  

Wear one mask on freshly cleaned  face for 1hr . Massage the extra essence after removing the mask into the face and neck. The remaining essence in the pack can be used as a serum on the other days you are not using the mask.

Enjoy beautiful radiant glowing results. 






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