Fibroids Natural Treatment Herbs


This is a combination of strong herbs effective at shrinking Fibroids,  Unblocking tubes,  Relieving Painful Periods and they prevent their reoccurrence. 

The herbs regulate your hormonal balance to slow Fibroids growth.  The herbs help the lymph and blood system eliminate Fibroids tissue from the body as it breaks down. 

They help alleviate common Fibroids side effects such as heavy bleeding,  low iron, Uterine Cramping. 

Avoid Alcohol while using the herbs.I

DIRECTIONS:  Pull the string tied around the herbs to create a tampon look. Insert the ball into the vagina and leave the string out. The herbs have to stay Inserted for 3 days. Do not take it out to wash because it interferes with the treatment. Do not have sex during the days the herbs are Inserted . After 3 days take the herbs out using the string. Repeat procedure every week. If one has big fibroids, they have to Insert 2 herbal balls for 4 days ( Repeat procedure every week) until the fibroids shrink.

NOTE: Wear a panty liner when using the herbs as the fluids from the fibroids will leak out regularly.

The treatment is effective and one has to be patient.  Every one responds differently to the treatment. Treatment can run from 3 months to 1 year depending on the severity of one's condition.

Each pack contains one herbal ball. 

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