Avienne Lip Therapy Bundle (3PCS)

£49.99 £60.00

LIPS THERAPY ( Healthy Pink Lips). Smooth Firm & Wrinkle Free. Collagen + Green Apple 

If you wish to solve your Lip problems,  chapped Lips, Dry Lips, wrinkles.

The weather, age and pollution affects your lips. In extensive heat and cold weather conditions the lips tend to become dry, chapped and wrinkled. 

Lips Therapy infused with natural active ingredients from green apple will treat,  smoothen, Soften ,Moisturize and protect your Lips. 

The special effect of this Lips Therapy it changes colour from.its green texture to light or dark pink and purple depending on the individuals body temperature.  The lip repair will remain on the lips throughout the day no matter what you eat or drink. 

Experience Soft moisturized lips like never before. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply Lips Therapy just like any other lipbalm at any time when you feel your lips are dry or after meals. 



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