Avienne Charcoal Salt Scrub

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FRESHENS & REJUVENATES – Infused with Dead Sea salts, this sea salt scrub for body scrubs away dead skin and impurities, leaving skin looking revitalized and you on Cloud 9.

MORE YOUTHFUL SKIN – This dead sea minerals salt scrub exfoliates dead skin to get rid of that dull & lackluster appearance. Regular use of this dead sea scrub will make skin look vibrant & youthful.

MOISTURIZING BENEFITS – Scrubbing with this body exfoliator scrub helps improve the effectiveness of your moisturizing routine, ensuring deep and even hydration, leaving you with healthy looking skin.

TONES SKIN – Regular use of this dead sea body scrub helps unclog pores of dirt, allowing them to shrink. Overtime, the chance of an acne breakout reduces and you’re left with smooth, elastic skin.

SOFT & RADIANT SKIN – Scrub for hands helps inhibits ingrown hair & sloughs away tough dark skin for smoother elbows. This body scrub for dry skin also aids in fading dark spots.

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