Professional Anti Ageing Set


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The first choice to restore nutrition and vitality in the skin, total skin care completed with Galactomyces fermeted filtrate moisturizing, nutrition, whitening, wrinkle improvement, skin vitalization, skin barrier reinforcement.

SPECIFICATIONS ( Steps of Application)

ANJO professional diamond DG&H 95 toner(120ml) 

ANJO professional diamond DG&H 95 emulsion(120ml) 

ANJO professional diamond DG&H 95 solution essence(40ml)

ANJO professional diamond DG&H 95 eye cream(50ml) 

ANJO professional diamond DG&H 95 cream(50ml)

Luxury care with Diamond and Galactomyces.

High moisturizing - High nutrition - Skin tone improvement - Wrinkle improvement - Vitality care - Skin barrier strengthening containing Diamond extract.

It helps your skin to be shining from any angle with Galactomyces extract 95% of total capacity.

Koreans use Galactomyces for making alcoholic drink. They noticed that their hands are soft even they use their hands most of the time. Then they found out that is because of Galactomyces. 

Experience Smooth  Radiant skin and fast Wrinkle improvement with High-efficiency main ingredients of Diamond extract , Premium Hyaluronic acid , Medical grade Pandenol, Niacinamide.

DIRECTIONS . This set is idea for people experiencing early  Signs of Ageing from 35yrs - 60yrs. Those concerned about getting rid of existing skin concerns like wrinkles,  hyperpigmentation,  dull skin, damaged skin. 

After Cleansing the face, Follow the steps of application as outline above. Refer the images for more clarity. 



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