Acne Cream( Tretinoin)


  • Tretinoin (a metabolite of vitamin A) is the gold standard anti-aging ingredient that is also FDA-approved (and it's the only one so far!)
  • It's an all around skin issue fixer as it works at the skin cell level and makes your skin cells behave in a healthy and normal way
  • It makes the skin less wrinkled, firmer, smoother and tighter, everything you could want from an anti-aging ingredient
  • It's also an effective acne treatment. It normalizes keratinization and makes the pores produce less sebum
  • It's also a skin lightener though not as effective as gold-standard hydroquinone.
  • Side effects with tretinoin are very common. Irritation, skin flaking, redness, and drier skin are usual
  • Do not use tretinoin (or any form of retinoids) while pregnant
  • To minimize side effects introduce tretinoin slowly into your routine.

This Cream works by removing skin cells from the surface of the Skin ( Exfoliating), which helps to prevent them building up within the hair Follicles. The cream is fast absorbing yet effective at fighting pimples causing bacteria. 


After cleansing face, apply a pea size portion on the a face. massage gently into affected areas.

SKIP  a day between uses.( if you apply on Monday ,skip Tuesday and Apply on Wednesday).Do not apply every day.

Apply night time only. 

Do not exceed the required portion.

Don't not apply to the eye area and the neck.

If irritation occurs discontinue use. 

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