Cellulite Gel


With the ingredients of Collagen the Glucosamine which provides the lifting effect to your body.

The cooling system from the natural ingredients of menthol and the heating system from the capsaicin ingredients of pepper are applied to the skin, will give the skin resilient and smooth texture.


After shower, apply proper amount to the body (thigh, forearm and abdomen).

1. Before exercise, apply it everywhere you want.

It enhances your skin elastic and heat effect helps to discharge body waste well.

2. If you apply this slimming hot gel to your knee, arm joint and etc.,Cooling & Healing system provide you with massage effect.

3. Glucosamine & collagen make you experience lifting effect especially on dewlap. (belly, thigh, forearm)

Apply and massage deeply to areas with uneven body contours like the thighs. After cooling effect pass, the gel will convey heating effect into the skin. and helps breaks down the fat. Active ingredients affect subcutaneous fat layer and consistently helps to excrete wastes.

* Recommended on the Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Back, Waist, Inner Forearm, Armpits 

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