Makeup Holding Spray. - JKTaylor
Makeup Holding Spray. - JKTaylor

Makeup Holding Spray.

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This Spray has been cleverly formulated to ensure that your makeup doesn't transfer to your clothes, doesn't smudge when touched and is waterproof when you sweat. Make up will last longer without the need for regular touch ups.

Absorbs Oil, Reduces bthe Apprearancenof pores, Minimises Shine.

Perfect for Weddings, Parties, Long Nights outs and Stage Performers like Dancers and Actresses. 


After Applying your Makeup, Hold the spray 10cm from your face and spray allover face and neck. Wait for the spray to Dry. For a Super MegaHold for those with very oily skin, apply on top of your Primer before applying your foundation and apply after on top of your foundation. 

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